Google and SEO: Steps to correctly define the keywords

What did we do before finding the schedule bus line? Did we Google? And … before you buy a shirt online? Does Google look for a store? And … before entering the power company? ‘Before paying the bill?

Many “BEFORE” many things we do every day on the Internet go through a Google search and the West is the reference. So it is not surprising that the methodologies used to position based on keywords is an art rather than a technique why? For as those who claim to know much of the subject still manage an annoying error, chance really closer to the artisan that the methodical.

First Step: Establish possibilities and limits.

One of the main factors of failure in a venture is disillusionment, lack of motivation and determination to keep what one intends to start the project. This translated to a website, start a blog and try to position travel to Star or generic keywords like “cheap” or “hotels in Barcelona” is too pretentious and eventually take life force to any project.

Whenever you seek leave room for positive surprise then have the possibility of good news on his initiative or project, but entering a competitive world passes in the first instance by putting ourselves in the place we should be.

Or too low or too high, it just always better and for that we must start with a period of grace to speak where the limits are broader and not pursued very competitive keywords, a first period where volume prime information and content. Obviously, at this stage of our SEO strategy, pursue long tail keywords and try to log-As would be called in military jargon-edge attack our goal.

Meanwhile be burning this time of uncertainty and small realistic goals to start the next step thoroughly studied: Competition.

Second stage: competition.

It is useful to perform a task for organic keyword research and PPC keywords, SEO and SEM respectively.

A good start is a competitive analysis with KeywordSpy, SEMRush and responsibility; 3 tools that allow us to expand the pyramid keywords why? Because if we are in an uncertainty at this stage we must address questions such as:

What keywords’m positioning? It is considered a success if the page appears in the top 100 results. If you see the top 10 result is certainly a goal achieved, but from there to the first position would be much work to do.

What sites competing with me? Many times there are more sites that compete with us than we think. These payment applications like SEMRush allow the webmaster know a number of websites that “rankean” for a particular keyword.

What other keywords pursue the competing sites? And this is where, as we said, significantly expands the range because if we know what other interests in keywords accompanying dreams of competition, the closer we get to compete with them and play the game.

However most of the projects to achieve some success or at least promising result passes through comparison with the competition are the rules of the market and which are being common in both the real world and virtual worlds.

A neat file with information about the outlook for the own site keywords and competition is essential. Of these, appear needs, platitudes and surprises no one would be surprised that the keyword “cheap costume” Insight increases its slope around the time of Halloween, and of course you have to exploit it at all costs. But it’s the surprises that result in success and may offer a plus; eventualities, things people look for in a space-time and that is reprehensible not take advantage.

It is slightly economically unthinkable for a small project to have the continued support of this type of useful sites for studying the keywords and competition. But as far as possible, get a monthly license once a year and take the opportunity to find out how our site is being developed and about the contest is a good decision. For SEO professionals or business projects even remotely work we plantearíamos organic positioning without the information that we provide these tools in their pro versions, which undoubtedly represent a good investment.

Stage Three: Use and Abuse of keywords.

Tools such as:

Google Insight
Google Trend
Google Adwords
They are vital to this stage, free tools, easy to use and essential to fuel our website with keywords. Always looking firstly at longtails excel, words / phrases delimiting less pretentious to go as far as to leave the site by positioning these more general keywords-edge strategy previously mentioned.

While Google Adwords lets us know what people are looking for and see everything a broad overview of related keywords (and also allows us to determine the degree of competitiveness associated with a given keyword), Insight is extremely useful and has much predictive power for certain thematic cyclical occurrence.

The work of getting and keeping a keyword to associate the brand it is as difficult as it is important at this stage that manifests a true work of ant looking for keywords that are distributed in different areas of the website, in the All titles and format written or visual content under appropriate methodology.

Reach the first page is something that everyone should be happy to do it, but get a keyword that has at least 25,000 or more monthly net searches is what truly represents a good investment of time within our SEO strategy. It will depend on the success of the project depends on this magical hands that we engage finder and carry computers or devices of our target audience.


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